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Page updated 9/10/2019


Phragmipediums & Paphiopedilum Page

Paphiopedilum, from Paphos, the birthplace of Aphrodite, and Greek pedilon, slipper. More than 70 species in tropical Asia. Grow usually as terrestrial, but sometimes epiphytic or lithophytic. Plants have no pseudobulbs. They are relatively easy to cultivate. As a general rule, species with mottled leaves, prefer higher temperatures and those with plain solid colored leaves. Plants need water throughout the year, but not allowed to remain wet for long periods of time. A free draining mix is recommended. We use bark, charcoal, perlite, sphagnum, and rocks in combination that holds moisture but does not remain wet for long periods.


Paphiopedilum charlesworthii alba (Paph)

Multiple fan plants are bloom size. Provide a 2-3 day dry period between thorough waters. We grow these bright . Native to Burma and southern China. The albino form is rare and exciting. Beautiful. $75.00


Paphiopedilum delenatii var Dunkel (Paph)

The darkest color form of Paph delenatii. Pouch color can approach red! Foliage is also distinct from the normal colored delenatii with lighter background and intense dark green patterns. the undersides of the leaves approach black. Grow warm to intermediate. Prefers shade and to be kept moist between waterings. Vietnam Native. I apologize for the lack of photo. sold all of the first batch of budding ones. Bloom Size $50.00


Paphiopedilum dianthum (Paph) alba

This China/Vietnam native is a beauty with white dorsal sepal and staminode while the other parts of the orchid blooms are yellow-green. 4 inch pots are bloom size. Keep moist between waterings and grow warm. Medium light to shady. $55.00 very limited


Paphiopedilum Gloria Naugle (micranthum x rothschildianum) (Paph)

One of the super hybrids. Super nice plants with beautiful upright mottled foliage! Leaf spans are 8-14 inches. Keep damp and grow shady. Glowing ladyslipper blooms. 4 inch pot size is Bloom Size $50.00


Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh ( delenatii 'Dunkel' x vietnamense)

Excited to have a crop of the new improved Paph Ho Chi Minh! How improved? These Ho Chi Minh's are hybridized with delenatii var Dunkel, the dark red pouch form of Paph delanatii. Blooms should be outstanding with more color saturation in petals and pouch! Grow lower light and provide consistent moisture. Beautiful foliage! Limited. Bloom Size- 4 inch pot $ 35.00


Paphiopedilum Mint Chocolate (malipoense 'Bear' x godefroyae var. leucochilum)

Glorious patterned leaves make this an excellent orchid choice even when not in flower. Keep damp and warm for best growing conditions. Blooming Size. $40.00


Phragmipedium for Greek phragma, division or partition and pedilon, slipper referring to the slipper shaped lip. More than 200 species in Mexico, Central and South America. In nature they can grow as terrestrial, lithophytic, or sometimes a epiphytic. Phragmipedium from in seepage areas and require more moisture throughout the year than Paphiopedilums They will grow in intermediate conditions with light to moderate shade in a free-draining compost based on bark, spaghnum moss, rocks, perlite, charcoal, or combinations of any of those. Mix ingredient combinations can be many. It is most important for the mix to be free draining. Many growers are successful when Phragmipediums are grown in shallow trays of water. The name Phragmipedium is often shortened to Phrag!

Phragmipedium Barbara LeAnn ( besseae X fischerii)

4 inch pot size is bloom size. I call this the creamsicle ladyslipper, as the colors can be solid bright red to a mixture of red hues with white highlights through the blooms. Grows cool to warm. Blooms best when given bright indirect light. Sequential blooming stems produce blooms over a period of several weeks to months. Thrives when kept moist between waterings. $40.00


Phragmipedium Betheva (caudatum x pearcei)

Another primary hybrid with tons of personality. A large Phragmipedium species crossed with a petite growing Phragmipedium species. Compact plants with multiple growths offered. Long petaled blooms are soft chartreuse with mahogany striping throughout sepals and petals. Pouch and petals tips are suffused in dark chestnut brown. Variations can occur, but sure to please. Grow bright but suffused. Grow moist. (6-19) Some holding flowers stems now. 4 inch pots. $45.00


Phragmipedium Ican Treasure (longifolium x kovachii) --Limited, photo to come later!

This hybrid creates large blooms. $90.00


Phragmipedium Lutz Rollke (besseae var flavum x boissierianum 'Maybrook')

4 inch pots are bloom size. These should be stunner blooms with yellow background and peach to salmon colored overlays on petal, sepals, and pouch. Warm grower. Blooms best when bright indirect light. Thrives when kept moist between waterings. Sequential blooming stems produce blooms over a period of several weeks to months. $40.00


Phragmipedium Paul Eugene Conroy (wallisii X longifolium)

Bloom size plants offered of this elegant primary Phrag hybrid. Thrives in the North Carolina heat. Blooms sequentially with up to five blooms occurring on one flower stem. Color is best described as flowers green suffused in mahogany. Pouch color and petal tips tend to be more suffused in mahogany. Pouch interior white with random red brown markings on side folds. Really pretty and easy to grow and bloom. Provide bright suffused light and keep evenly moist. Summer bloomers, many with flower stems now. Bloom Size $45.00


Phragmipedium Peruflora's Spirit (Eric Young x kovachii)

Wonderful parents have yielded some amazing awarded progeny. Bloom size $85.00


Phragmipedium QF Halia (QF Kamakakilo Tyler X kovachii) NEW

Large red multifloral flowers! Grow damp and bright for best flowering! Bloom Size $75.00


Phragmipedium Sedenii (longifoliuim x schlimii)

Easy to grow and flower. Rewarding in plant growth habit and ease of culture. Sequential blooming stems produce blooms over a period of several weeks to months. Blooms are white/mint green with overlays of soft pink in petals and heavy pink suffusion on the pouch. A lovely hybrid first produced in 1873. Intermediate to warm grower. Bloom time is variable throughout the year. LIMITED - $30.00





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