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Phalaenopsis Clones , Phalaenopsis Seedlings, Species, Neofinetia, Renanthera, Ascocentrum, Ascocenda, and Vanda Orchids.

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Phalaenopsis Hybrids and Species Offerings

The inventory of Phals changes very quickly in our greenhouse. New exciting things can be seen everyday in the greenhouse and it is impossible for me to keep up with them on the web site, so if in doubt or have a special request, please inquire. Note that the use of the genus name Doritis and it's hybrids, Doritaenopsis is no longer valid although you can still find it's use in current references.


Phal Fuller's Sunset We have a limited quantity of this beautiful perfect yellow with a colored lip. Bloom Size $30.00 The photo is true.


Phal Sin Yuan Golden Beauty Sunset tones or orange yellow on a flat Phalaenopsis orchid with a cherry red lip. Good growers. Bloom size $25.00


Phal Sogo Yukidian (Yukimai x Taisuco Kochdian)

If you only grew one white Phalaenopsis, this would be the one I would choose for you. Impressive in growing and blooming. Makes branched inflorescences. Flowers are very long lasting.

Bloom Size in 6 inch pot $25.00


Phal White King Another magnificent white Phal of choice parentage. Blooms are large and of heavy substance.

Bloom Size $25.00


Species Start Below



Phalaenopsis amboinensis flava

Nicely fragrant and desirable variety of Phal amboinensis. Photo shows coloration you can expect from these seedlings. White background with bright lemon yellow bars. These are from Taiwan flask. Remember the stems are evergreen, so do not remove until the completely brown. They can bloom for years off the old flower stems.

Bloom Size $45.00


Phalaenopsis champorensis

Like little clown costumes, this former Doritis species, now Phalaenopsis is a charmer. Many long lasting blooms are produced on upright stems. Has been referred to as Doritis pulcherrima var champorensis. Plants offered are seed produced using the two color forms of parents shown. This petals on this form, mimic the lip and side lobes producing peloric flowers.

Bloom Size $20.00



Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi forma sanguinea

Many of these are blooming truly nice. Indian red flowers with a slight halo of yellow at petal edges. If you attended the National Capital Show and Sale in October 2010. Our orchid display featured a first bloom seedling of this cross. Likes to dry more between waterings than a regular Phalaenopsis. Spicy mild fragrance. Premium. Also referred to as the rubra variety. Photo shows two plants growing side by side. One mounted culture on the right and the one to the left is in pot. You can see the diversity in the seedling population. (Species Orchid)

4 inch bloom size $35.00


Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi forma chattaladae

You may reference David Grove article on this exciting color form. Parents are 'Chinainthorn' sib 'Orchidgrove' CHM/AOS. This is the true Chattaladae form. Great stuff. Photo shows the first one for us to bloom still in community pot. (Species Orchid) What is the chattaladae form and why is it so special. Flower background color is solid dark burgundy. On the rubra and sanguinea forms the background color is yellow green, but heavily suffused on the front surface of the colors with darker colors or tightly spaced burgundy bars. No windows of yellow or green show though these flowers. This could be the dramatic color form of a species we needed to produce truly red blooms.

Bloom size $50.00



Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Mary Alison' HCC/AOS

Awarded September 23, 2006, we cloned this magnificent species with long lasting waxy flowers that are highly fragrant. Pendent flower stems are produced between the leaves and should be allowed to hang. These are currently grown in 4 inch plastic grower pots but can be easily transferred to basket culture. Grow warm and keep moist. (Species Orchid) Awarded clones. Seagrove exclusive. When 'Mary Alison' was awarded it held 13 blooms on one inflorescence. Background color is best described as pale green. Very striking. Limited! Award photo used with James Harris permission.



Phalaenopsis javonica

Relatively rare species that is seldom seen. Native to Indonesia. Flower stems are held under the foliage that produce magenta to orange tone striped flowers. The flowers themselves appear as translucent wax. Grow with constant moisture and warm temps for summer blooming. Nicely fragrant.

Bloom Size $40.00




Phalaenopsis violacea

These bloom size species are offered in 4 inch mesh round baskets. Grow moist and warm for best culture. Rose colored blooms are nicely fragrant and long lasting. Evergreen flower stems should not be removed unless they start to brown on their own. Stems can produce bloom for years and when all holding flowers, make an amazing specimen and show piece. Native to Indonesia (Sumatra) and Malaysia (Malay Pennisula) Summer bloomers.

Bloom Size $30.00





Vandaceous Plants-Rhyncostylis-Ascocentrum-Vandas



Aerides houlletiana

Vandaceous Aerides species are always delightfully fragrant. Very limited supply. This orchid species can bloom on a very small sized plant. Spring/Summer bloomers with large very pleasingly fragrant flowers. Native to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, so grow warm. Considered a variety of Aerides falcata by some. (Species Orchid) Some are sending up flower stems now 04-2013.

Bloom Size $40.00 (plastic basket with hangers)


(Ascf. Lion Star X Neofinetia falcata var armani)

A new edition to the Vandaceous plant offerings. These little miniatures are bloom size and look like Neofinetia in growth habit and size. The Neofinetia falcata armani island strain has larger flowers than the most commonly seen variety of Neofinetia falcata. Orange to yellow orange blooms are predicted on a plant that will stay petite and manageable. Perfect windowsill grower choice or for a grower that favors the miniature orchids.


Ascocenda Fiftieth State Beauty = (Ascocenda Meda Arnold X Yip Sum Wah)

Seedlings that celebrate Hawaii. These are seed produced and not clones. Be prepared for bloom shades of red to tangerine orange. Upright stems will hold up to 20 blooms. As plants mature, flower count and flowering frequency will increase. These are grown in 4 inch plastic pots. Grow bright. Registered in year 1970 by originator Robert J Perreira. These seedlings have been made using improved parents. Photo shows actual seedling flowering for the first time in a 4 inch square pot. Beautiful.

Bloom Size $28.00



(Ascocenda Memoria Thianchai X Rhrds Vojas's Little Bird)X Prra Crownfox Agate

Can't wait to find out what Nancy Mountford will name her creation. We have grown these and established in 4 inch wooden baskets. Plants are blooming at small size and should remain manageable. Flowers are deliciously fragrant. These are seed produced so there should be some variation in coloration.

Bloom Size (Near Petite) $30.00


Ascocenda Saint Valentine 'Pachara'

Back by popular demand, Ascda St. Valentine 'Pachara' is a hit with all. The cherry red blooms and the amazingly small size that these plants bloom in profusion is a very rewarding Vanda type orchid to add to your collection. Red Vandaceous orchid.

Bloom Size in hanging baskets $40.00


Ascocentrum pusillum

A seldom seen minature native to Cambodia. This orchid species is offered on the mounted orchid page.



Chrisnetia Green Light

They are back. Powerful little plants that pack a punch in the flower category. Very limited.

2 inch size is bloom size $18.00



Neofinetia falcata

Happy to be able to offer potted multiple fan plants of this Japanese beauty. Species orchid native to Japan. Very sweetly fragrant. Easy to grow! We also have a few of these mounted , thus also offered on the mounted orchid page also.

Bloom Size $25.00


Neofinetia falcata (pink strain x pink strain)

Same as the photo above only the blooms have a pink blush to them and the nectary and flower stem are heavily suffused in magenta color. Bloom size premium plants.



Neostylis Baby Angel (Neostylis Lou Sneary x Neofinetia falcata)

A new mini with lots of potential. The photo below features Neostylis Lou Sneary and the photo directly above shows Neofinetia falcata. With the added dose of Neofinetia falcata we are seeing a plant that should stay more miniaturized. Plants are husky. Looking forward to blooms. All have been mounted. No longer offered in pots.

Near Bloom Size $22.00


Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'

Miniature Neofinetia x Rhyncostylis. Blooms are a soft blue with tons of fragrance. Good windowsill orchid. Planted in 4 inch wooden baskets or in 4 inch plastic nursery pots. Your Choice! CUTE! Blooms twice a year (Spring and Fall) Easy! Sweetly scented.

Bloom Size $25.00


Neostylis Pinky (Rhyncostylis gigantea x Neofinetia falcata)

Another miniature hybrid that contains Neofinetia falcata. White background heavily spotted in dark plum or as the photo shows , dark shiny delicious dark plum blooms. Good windowsill orchid. Fragrant. Recommended.

Bloom Size $25.00


Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset (Aerides X Rhyncostylis)

Wonderful new addition to our offerings. Fragrant and easy to grow. Remember that light levels for Aerides and Rhyncostylis are lower than Vanda. Reliable bloomers that form basal growths quickly making a spectacular show of bloom stems. Outstanding. Fragrant Orchid.

Bloom Size $40.00


Rhyncostylis gigantea 'Orange Star'

Near orange color blooms on this Rhyncostylis species compared to the earlier clone offered of 'Peach' Easy to grow and bloom. Light levels as for Phalaenopsis should be given. Bloom Size orchids are currently offered in plastic pots. Photo shows the clone 'Orange Star' is bloom. Nice novelty to the species collector. Fragrant (Species Orchid)



Rhyncostylis gigantea variety alba

Nicely grown plants in wooden slat baskets. Leaf spans 15 plus cm. Nice albino form of a very fragrant orchid species is offered. Grow in Phalaenopsis light conditions for best growth and flowering. These are not bright light Vandaceous orchids. These can bloom on small plants but as with most orchids, flowering gets better with age. (Species Orchid)

Near Bloom Size $25.00


Rhyncostylis retusa alba

This albino color form of the foxtail orchid is a wonderful find for any collector. Warm to hot growing species from the Chinese Himalayas, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, and the Philippines. Easy to grow with even water and fertilizer year round. The showy inflorescence are held pendantly and are adorned with many fragrant flowers. Rhyncostylis perform better for us when grown under moderate light levels and grown warm.

Near Bloom Size $40.00


Ronnyara Snowflake

Wonderful growing Vandaceous alliance hybrid. The manmade genus Ronnyara consists of hybridization with Vanda, Rhyncostylis, and Aerides. Thankfully, the growth habit most resembles a miniature Vanda and remains a manageable orchid that grows in an upright fashion. All of these orchids offered are produced from seed. Variations in colors are to be expected as the above photographs reflect. Plants can bloom at small sizes, but more blooms are produced with age. Provide medium light levels and allow to dry between waterings.



Vanda denisoniana

Vanda species that is native to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at lower elevations. This species can bloom at a smaller size than most Vanda species.Blooms are strongly fragrant of vanilla. Seedling size. Photo shown is a Vanda denisoniana hybrid but are similar to the species.



Vanda Manuvadee 'Sky' FCC/OST-AM/AOS

Beautiful blue-violet flowers with ruffled edges. This orchid produces many orchid flowers per stem and other than the color appeal, the flower margins are slightly ruffled. This gives the flowers an unique allure for me. Heavily tessellated flowers and frequent blooms makes this Vandaceous hybrid a sure winner.Excellent form and heavy substance. Wooden baskets at Seagrove Orchids. (Vanda Ponpimol X coerulea)

Both Bloom Size $45.00


Vanda Pachara Delight 'Black'

Bloom size. A very dark color form of Pachara Delight .

Bloom Size Baskets $50.00


Vanda Paki 'Mary Motes' HCC/AOS X Ascda Crownfox Sundancer 'Chesapeake Gold' HCC/AOS

Two petite growing Vandaceous parents crossed together to produce a frequent blooming most interesting colorful hybrid. Flowers will range from yellow background to sunset tones. Various spotting is a possibility. Lip colors should be a dramtic contrast to flower color in ranges of hot pink to dark ruby red. Established in wooden baskets.

Bloom Size $22.00


Vanda Somsri Pink

Bloom size Fall bloomers. Large 4 inch across blooms are held on sturdy stems. Looks similar to the Robert's Delight above but blooms are magenta pink.





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